How Do Zoomcash'S loans Work

Whether you are applying for a LINE OF CREDIT, INSTALLMENT LOAN or a PAYDAY LOAN, we have made it easy for you to apply as each loan requires the same information, and even better you can print the application off at home, fill it out and bring it with you, shortening the time you will need to spend in our office as we realize your time is valuable. We also have the applications on hand at each location.

Once you provide us with the required documentation and information the approval process is simple and straight forward taking no longer than 15 minutes in most cases.

The steps & Requirements:

1.Print off, fill out application

2.Find location nearest to you

3.Provide us the following documentation:

  • Valid Photo ID
  • Social Security Card
  • Most recent 30 day Checking Account Statement
  • Most Current Pay Check Stub or Proof of Income
  • 2 Utility Bills (Phone & Electric)
  • Blank Check with printed information
  • Line of Credit & Installment Loan require Direct Deposit of your income
Download Consumer Loan Application

Once you are approved, depending on the type of loan you will receive a check payable to you, if you have applied for a PayDay Loan you will receive cash in your hands.

No one ever leaves any of our locations without having the knowledge of your due date, payment amount & we will also sit down with you and explain the Loan Agreement to you prior to you signing your name to it.