Q.How long does it take to process my application?

A.In most cases no longer than 15 minutes

Q.If I am approved how will i receive my funds?

A.You will receive your funds in the form of a check unless you have applied for a payday loan.

Q.What is the interest rate of your loans?

A.The interest rate varies and depends on the type of loan you receive.

Q.How long until I pay off my line of credit loan?

A.That all depends on you, if you pay only the minimum payment due then it will take a longer period of time; if you pay more on each payment then you will pay it off quicker.

Q.If I run into financial trouble can I defer a payment?

A.At this time we do not offer to defer payments but our staff understands and may be able to work out other options for you.

Q.How do you determine the amount of money I can borrow?

A.The amount is based off of your income and documentation you provide.

Q.Can I get a loan if I have other loans out?

A.You may be able to but it will depend on your income.

Q.Do I have to have a checking account for a loan?

A.Yes each loan product that we offer requires an open and active checking account.

Q.How do I make a payment?

A. We offer each customer the ability to pay directly through your checking account each month or you may come to the store to pay or mail in a money order or cashiers check; however we don’t offer ach payments on our payday loans.

Q.Can we include my spouses income so I can qualify for a larger loan?

A.At this time we can only use the person that is applying for the loans income.